Street Legal Golf Carts

The use of golf carts on public streets has become more prevalent over the years, whether to run to the store or head over to your neighbors house. Here in Lake County, Ohio

To be street legal, a golf cart must have the following functioning equipment:
– seat belts
– a windshield
– a horn
– turn signals
– rear-view mirror
– head lights and brake lights

Speed Limit
Most county ordinance state that a golf cart being used on or across public streets shall not be capable of being operated in excess of 25 miles per hour. Check your counties rules

Insurance Coverage for Golf Carts
Golf carts, like cars and trucks, should carry insurance coverage. Insurance coverage should be standard liability and should include under insured and uninsured motorists coverage to cover the driver completely.

Now, it is legal to drive golf carts in Ohio on any public street with a 35 mph speed limit posted. You can drive a golf cart at night if it has lights.

Golf carts, LSVs and traditional vehicles can be driven on public Ohio roads when the vehicle is registered, has a valid license plate and meets all the standards of a road worthy vehicle of its type having passed inspection. Just like cars, the driver must be of legal driving age and have a valid driver’s license with the appropriate amount of liability insurance coverage on the vehicle.

Please check with your local police department before operating your cart on public streets.